Nutrition Matters!

Higher levels of toxicity in the environment and lower levels of nutrition in our food are leaving our bodies, quite literally, malnourished.  We are starving for good nutrition, not only to optimize normal function, but also to clear the body of excessive toxic loads. While many wait until they are experiencing a health problem before they develop a wellness routine, it is just as important to think in terms of prevention.

Whether you are struggling with gut health issues, cardiovascular health, depression, addiction recovery or, yes, even cancer, how you nourish your body can have a profound effect on its ability to heal.

Most of us know the basics to good health, though we don’t always practice them. Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods, drink lots of water, exercise, get plenty of rest, and practice stress management techniques.

What we’re not always aware of is that is nearly impossible to get proper nutrition these days.

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Foundational Supplementation with Juice Plus+

Foundational Supplementation with Juice Plus+

I believe foundational nutrition in the form of clean, plant-based, whole foods is essential in the prevention, and even reversal, of many chronic health conditions. Though normally I don’t believe that “one size fits all,”  I make an exception when it comes to Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ makes adding 30 fruits, vegetables and grains, as well as plant based Omeges 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9, to your diet easy and affordable.

Unlike other nutritional products on the market, Juice Plus+ is backed by over 35 clinical research studies conducted at leading universities around the world that specifically test this unique formula of dehydrated fruit and vegetable powders on humans. The findings are remarkably good news:

Contributes to cardiovascular wellness
Supports a healthy inflammatory response
Supports quality of life in ovarian cancer survivors
Reduced insulin resistance in overweight boys
Supports lung health in smokers
Supports healthy skin and gums
Supports immune health
Helps protect DNA
Reduces oxidative stress

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Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Putting together a nutrition and exercise plan that works best for you can be challenging.  It is important to fill your plate with healthy food THAT YOU LOVE to eat.  And to incorporate exercise into your day that you actually enjoy doing!

Together we can put together a plan that is actually achievable for you!

For some the plan itself is enough. Others require more of a double loop learning experience where we make changes, study the results and sustainability of these changes, revise and repeat.  If you are dealing with a major health issue, I am happy to provide additional information about specific diet recommendations that support your doctor’s or dietitian’s outline.  Most importantly, I will help you find the way to be successful in incorporating these changes. Slow, steady changes will eventually win the day!

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Identifying and Eliminating Toxins

Understanding the pitfalls of the Standard American Diet can be a project in and of itself!  Add to this safeguarding our homes from the steady influx of toxic materials and overwhelm may start to take over.

I am here to help you find the information, resources and support you need to undergo slow, steady changes in cleaning up your home and making it a safe and chemical-free haven for you and your children.  To get started, check out the resource section of this site. I welcome emails with specific questions and will point you toward further information, online discussion groups and community efforts.

Together we CAN make a difference in our own lives and the lives of future generations.