Meet Janine Brunell – Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Resilience is something I’ve been pursuing for a long time, especially in terms of community, farming and food. Mostly I’ve been looking for a way to connect people around solutions to climate change, to reconnect us all to the earth and to each other.

More recently, I began to pursue the notion of individual resilience. This came with a profound experience of what proper nutrition has done for me and with coming to an understanding of how the environmental crisis is not just “out there,” but is actually showing up in our bodies.

After three years as a wellness coordinator with the Juice Plus+ Company, I went on to train as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Integrative nutrition training teaches a unique, holistic approach to personal health and wellness. This training includes a focus on understanding the drastic increases in chronic illness in today’s toxic world, as well as an in depth exploration into where much of that toxicity comes from; through our food and in our environment as a whole.  Through our coursework, we looked squarely at the gaps in our current healthcare system that leave patients and doctors with little time to explore diet and lifestyle or to identify underlying causes for dis-ease. Currently, there is much left out in understanding the power of food, water, exercise and community to heal us.

From this fundamental foundation, I work to help clients break down their unique challenges and put together a comprehensive plan that leads not only to better physical health, but also a clearer sense of purpose and agency.  We start with exploring how good nutrition and delicious food support our bodies physically and mentally.  We also work to identify environmental toxins that are affecting our health. Finally, we break down barriers that may be in the way of developing healthier habits.

Resilience, by definition, is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and bounce back into shape.  The good news is that our bodies are designed for health and recovery.  When we are able to give our body what it needs, bouncing back is inevitable.

As a mother of three, I am primarily motivated by my hopes for future generations while fully comprehending that the current health and climate crises pose unprecedented challenges to youth and parents alike.

I look forward to sitting down with you for a free health discovery consultation and identifying what support you may need in living it forward with grace, beauty, acceptance and purpose.