Planting for a Brighter Future

Planting Seeds in March

There is something so satisfying about planting an indoor vegetable garden during a winter storm warning.  It gives us a chance to celebrate plants, and life, and the miracle of seeds while also really thinking about stewardship and sustainability and what we can contribute to maintaining our strength and independence.  We are reminded of the personal effort involved in taking care of ourselves, while also acknowledging all that is provided to help us.

Together with these girls, while sharing our stories of winter activities – sledding and dance recitals and Celtics games – I supervised the planting of cucumber, eggplant, kale, basil, lettuce, Swiss chard and Chinese cabbage.  I am always delighted by how the different colors and shapes of the seeds whisper something of what they will become in the same way that the stories shared by these young girls gives hints of their own futures.

Indoor farming is becoming “a thing” as we search for solutions to climate challenges that are devastating some traditional crops.  I am a complete Earth Mother, and do not see aeroponic gardening like this as a permanent solution to, or replacement of, our relationship with the land.  But I do get excited by the possibilities provided here to grow some crops quickly using less space, less water and, of course, no land, to provide healthy and nutritious food for ourselves.  The potential for greening up city balconies and rooftops is boundless, as is the possibility of drastically reducing the shipping of vegetables across the globe.

Planting a hopeful future together reverberates.  Doing that with children in classrooms and libraries fills more than just our plates!

Stop by Salisbury Public Library to check it out.

~ Janine




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