Turning Towards Each Other

Indoor Farming in February!

We are beginning the Salisbury Library Indoor Farming Program this Saturday and I’m excited to see who will come out to join me in exploring the possibilities of growing food with the aeroponic Tower Garden.  As ever, I’m interested in empowering our kids and reconnecting them with their personal agency – their ability to DO something, to be their best self, to contribute to the creation of our collective future.

Of course, I’m also interested in health.  And wellbeing.  And donating creative solutions to the formation of that future.  I want to show our kids some simple beauty and hope during a time when so many of them are struggling with imaging much of a future at all.

I am always astonished by the magic contained in a simple seed.  Watching FOOD grow from that seed is the ultimate lesson in truly understanding the never-ending gifts from the natural world.  The bounty, the abundance, the sustainable plan already built into the workings of the planet.

Health happens in neighborhoods.  It comes through connection and caring and common goals.  May our little indoor garden whisper something of that to all who pass it and all who join me in the wonders of growing! May it also remind us that our best days are lived when we turn towards each other.

~ Janine



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